Player & Staff Market

RELEVANT HOW TO PLAY VIDEOS - players transfer - player market - scouting

Free Agency is a permanent feature in this game and as such, any player or staff member can be bought and sold at any time.  It is completely free and does not require the managers to be paid members.  This is imaginary money that forms part of the ‘Economy’ of the game.  There is a search option (filter) in the ‘Player Market’.  This allows managers to narrow the search of players on the market to specific skills, talent level, age, build, height, staff type, staff specialty.

When a player is listed on the ‘Player Market’, the bidding will conclude 72 hours from the initial listing.  This player will be sold if there is any bid equal to or above the initial listing price set. If the original listing price is not met the player will return to the team that listed him.

Players can be sacked. This will result in them being automatically listed on the ‘Player Market’.

NOTE:  Players and Staff will only be eligible for finals if they are purchased on their relative Markets before the final's week begins.