What Is Footy Boss?

Footy Boss is an Aussie Rules Football management game.

You are in charge of an Aussie Rules club.

As 'The Boss' you handle of aspects of running a club including:

  • hiring and firing staff
  • recruiting new players and selling or sacking current players
  • training the squad
  • expanding the stadium
  • managing team selection
  • setting match tactics….............the lot.

Footy Boss is a virtual reality, which means you have complete control. You’re the boss, your decisions determine whether your side achieves the ultimate success.

Footy Boss is a game of skill, not a game of chance.

It goes without saying that the skill applied to every management aspect as mentioned above will have some bearing on whether your team is successful or not.  However, further to that, each match involves a complex series of contest & skill calculations between players to determine which player actually wins each contest - whether it be marking contest, possession contest, ruck contest, etc.

It is highly recommended that you read the Game Info section of this website to gain further insight and understanding into the method for maximising each player's chances of winning thier direct contest with their opposition player - and therefore maximising your team's chances of winning.

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